Renée's Bio

“I first felt the Blues when I was 3 ½ years old, watching my Daddy leave my Mommy for the last time. What my parents didn’t know was that I was hiding behind the door and saw everything. As our front door slammed I vividly remember Etta James’ “I’d Rather Go Blind” playing on my little 45. That was the night that the Blues grabbed my soul, and never let go. While I never saw my daddy again, he has influenced my life since I think of him everyday and, just like him, music is in my blood. No one in my family was spared. My brother, also a musician, looks just like him, and my poor Mommy never got over my Daddy.

“Well, life goes on, my Mom eventually found an excellent man who also loved the Blues and told me when I was a teen, ‘Renée, your voice has something special.’ So, I never gave up singing, even if my audience was only my Mommy, my Step-Daddy, my brother and my stuffed animals. (Thanks, Mom, George, and David for all your you guys so much.)

“So much music has influenced me throughout the years…man, I can’t even begin to name all of them, but some come to mind—Rod Stewart and his rough blue-eyed soul, Koko Taylor who taught me a woman can be strong, Al Green and his controlled, subdued voice, Issac Hayes sultry reverberation, Janis Joplin’s vocal acrobatics, Etta James’ powerful yet silky sound, Marvin Gaye’s sweltering style, the incomparable Bill Withers’ percussion and rhythm, the Commodores’ cohesive harmonies, Linda Ronstandt’s powerful voice, Patsy Cline’s smooth alto, Bonnie Raitt’s gritty blues, all the blues greats—Muddy Waters, Buddy Guy (no other scorching guitarist like him), BB King, Little Walter, Johnny Lee Hooker, all the soul greats – Otis Rush, Otis Redding, and all the rock greats – Heart, Led Zeppelin…so, so many to mention…it’s just impossible…

“I want to bring my own style of blues, bluz-rok, soul, and R & B to the Chicago scene. I love doing covers because the crowd enjoys it, but I always like to add my own twist. I look so forward to working with my native Chicagoans.”

Renée has many years on the Chicago/Rockford Scene. After completing two Master Degrees, an MBA and a MHRM, starting her own business, teaching at different colleges, and raising her family with her husband and manager, William, she is currently planning her national tour to promote her CD. Renée has played for crowds ranging in size from 6 to 60,000 people. She is an accomplished pianist, as well as vocalist. Her voice and effect on her audience have been compared to a cat’s tongue—her voice drips with silkiness and sultriness, it has a rough, clean, and sharp bite, but she maintains an aura of elegance. Just like the cat, she keeps her cool while the audience heats up.


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